We believe that students learn best when given the opportunity to interact with and make sense of the natural world, and with STEM education as the backbone of our school, we engage students in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics in a very unique way.

Scientific inquiry & Project based learning

An integral part of our school's instructional model is the implementation of cross-curricular project based learning and the inclusion of scientific inquiry during daily instruction.  Starting in kindergarten, students will engage in scientific studies that help them learn about the world around them.  Through a dedicated "STEM block", teachers will facilitate investigative projects that develop students' academic skills as well as real-world skills such as problem-solving, communication, and teamwork.


STEM is currently a buzzword in education due to the need for students to be able to compete in the global economy.  In fact, most districts are trying to incorporate STEM programs in some capacity to meet this need - which is fantastic, by the way!  However, not all STEM programs are designed and implemented in the same manner.  Prominence takes STEM education beyond hands-on activities in science class or the occasional robotics or Lego unit and makes STEM the foundation of the curriculum and instructional model of the school.  We are a STEM school, not a school with a STEM program.