Competency-based education focuses on the skills that students need to learn rather than abstract ideas or concepts.  It provides students and their teachers flexibility in how students demonstrate progress and mastery.

Students will still be engaging in Common Core and State Standards aligned curriculum, but it may not be in the same way or even at the same time.  Rather than encourage a cycle of frustration and remediation or acceleration and "extra work," competency based education meets students at their level.  Our blended learning model helps assist teachers make this vision a reality.  

In addition, our school practices looping at the elementary and middle school grades (K-8). Looping is a method that allows a teacher to "graduate" with his or her students to the next grade level.  For example, a student enrolled in Kindergarten will have the same teacher in first and second grade.  This allows a teacher to better understand his or her students' needs as well as build stronger school-family relationships.  Our "loops" consist of the following grade bands:  K-2, 3-5, 6-8.

If you would like to learn more about competency-based education, please visit competencyworks.