Blended Learning takes the innovation and opportunity provided by online learning and combines it with the meaningful experiences and accountability of the traditional classroom.

Through the use of flexible educational technology, blended learning gives teachers the tools needed to personalize their students’ education.  Utilizing the station rotation model, students work in small groups moving through stations consisting of small group instruction, online instruction, and collaborative activities and stations.  Students move through the stations based on their individual skill needs as opposed to participating in the traditional one-size-fits-all curriculum.

we are mindful in our use of technology

Technology fuels the global economy and we pride ourselves at being at the forefront of ed-tech while being conscious of the developmental needs of our students:

  • Students at the K-2 level utilize technology as a supplemental learning tool, focusing on responsible use of technology and the beginning of digital citizenship.
  • Students at the 3-5 level build on the K-2 level and begin using technology to research and facilitate new learning.
  • Middle School students (6-8) will engage in hybrid courses, personalized learning, and work with a wider variety of educational technology tools.
  • High School students (9-12) will build on previous years experience with technology as well as engage in optional online courses and experiences based on students' preferred learning styles and needs.